Our Mission

The health and biodiversity of various different reef ecosystems has been greatly endangered trough global warming and overfishing. We aim to aid in the protection and observation of these environments, by providing the marine research community with a soft robotic underwater fish engineered for collecting true data in a minimally invasive way

Our solution to bioderversity mapping

Our newly designed soft robotic underwater fish will truly revolutionize the way we gather data and observation from coral reef environments. With a soft undulating tail, creating no fluid dynamic turbulances, and a state of the art autonomous navigation algorithm, using machine learning, our robotic fish is able to perfectly blend in to a coral reef environment. With the ability to take isolated eDNA samples and high resolution video, our robotic fish provides a perfect platform for extensive data gathering

Watch SoFi in Action!

SURF-eDNA aims to provide the research community with a state of the art underwater UAV, to further explore and research the marine life in a coral reef environment. A biomemetic soft robotic fish capable of autonomous oumus underwater navigation, we provide a platform ideally suited for minimally invasive data gathering.

 This will provide scientists with new knowledge and data, which will lead to better protection and observation of different species and marine environments